According to OSHA, frame scaffolds are the most common type of scaffold because they are adaptable, economical, and easy to use. Milwaukee Scaffolding Inc. provides a wide array of scaffold frame towers to meet the needs of our customers. Customized stair towers are designed based on engineered drawings with a fixed pipe scaffold system and staircase units to give easy access and passageway to work at all levels. MSI pipe scaffolding allows customers to reach new heights in a safe manner. Our designers and erectors use the top quality scaffolding made from the strongest and most durable material in the market. We never deviate from our main objective of safety of our erectors, our customers, and pedestrians.

MSI also specializes in emergency and court ordered projects, where we install the protection canopy for you within a few hours of receiving your call. Milwaukee Scaffolding is proud to have the best expediting service in the industry. By using MSI you will not have to worry about obtaining permit(s). We have our own in house expeditors for all the necessary permit(s) required for your project. We can obtain the permit for your project within a few hours of receiving a signed contract.



We provide scaffold enclosures for protection from severe weather and falling debris. Located in one of the most windiest cities in the country we have a line of enclosure products for sale and installation:
- Fire Retardent Tarp
- Safety Debris Netting
- Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp
- Scaffold Tarp & Wind Clips

Our wind bearing tarp installations are engineered to withstand high wind gusts and provide a warm heated area for contractors to work during Milwaukee's inclement weather.